Get those dancing shoes ready!

Weddings are back on! I can almost hear the massive cheer! Planning your wedding is back on! It’s certainly time to dust off those dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate once more and my goodness, people are certainly going to!

Children holding hands jumping in the air at a wedding

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind year since the whole Covid thing began and I can remember watching it on tv back in March 2020 thinking how surreal it all was and certain that life as we knew it would all be “back to normal” by Autumn. But sure enough, Autumn came and went and before I knew it we were back in to lockdown in November. With Christmas then on the horizon, it was pretty obvious that we would be back into lockdown after that and sure enough, we were and well, still are! It’s pretty crazy how we’ve almost lost a whole year to the pandemic.

On the plus side, in the words of Captain Sir Tom Moore “Tomorrow will be a good day” and I really do believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can see a way forward.

Norfolk Wedding Photography. Husband & Wife on the lawn in the sun at Batemans Barn in Norfolk

Planning your wedding

So in case you haven’t heard, weddings are back from 8th March. Obviously there are certain restrictions for each date so to put it basically, here goes:

  • 8th March – 6 people
  • 12th April – 15 people
  • 17th May – 30 people
  • 21st June – all social restrictions should be lifted.

All of the dates, like anything I guess, are subject to change.

We all need a bit of crazy sometimes don’t we?

The wedding industry has already seen a massive upturn in demand since the governments Roadmap to Recovery with hope on the horizon. After all, there are nearly two years worth of brides and grooms waiting to get married. The demand is high and once things do reopen, it’s going to be a little bit crazy for a while. But crazy is good!

Groom & Grooms party being silly on the pagoda at Applewood Hall in Norfolk

As always, a photographer should be pretty high on the wedding checklist. That is simply because we all get booked up pretty quickly, especially during those key summer months. That said, with all the postponements and catching up to do, I think those key dates will go out the window if you know what I mean. Weddings are no longer just happening on a Saturday or even a Friday, but on any day of the week.

Bride & Groom on the dancefloor having their first dance at Kimberley Hall. LOVE letters in the background. Norfolk Wedding Photography

If you’re planning your day, then if you haven’t already, spend a moment to check out some of my work. Visit my blog, see if I fit the important budget and if so, then I would love to hear from you. Take care, get planning your wedding and don’t forget to dust off those shoes!

Bride & Groom's wedding day shoes next to each other

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