Photoshoot Fun

Every year I normally do a pop up Christmas photoshoot at the local preschool. However, with COVID restrictions, risk assessments and rigorous cleaning regimes, it just wasn’t possible this year. So we ventured into town instead at the local community hall.

I originally set the date in November and due to popular demand, had to quickly add another date too! Unfortunately due to the lockdown, we had to rearrange the dates. We were luckily able to move them into December.

On Saturday 5th and 12th December, I photographed nearly 50 families from across the counties of Norfolk & Suffolk. Each family had a mini shoot of 15 minutes at King Georges Hall in Harleston. It sounds a bit chaotic, but actually the days both ran very smoothly, despite the COVID regulations that had to be adhered to.

Mini shoots are sometimes more beneficial for little ones, who can easily get bored or be due a nap. I also find that they are a taster session to give families an idea of how I like to work and find out more about me. Plus, they are extremely cost effective and lets face it, it has certainly been a year where finances are limited.

I had one family come to the photoshoot who had attended a shoot with another photographer and when it came to looking at the photos couldn’t actually afford any of the photos at the end. This makes me really sad. It must have been so difficult for them to then sit there looking at photos of their family knowing that they wouldn’t be able to purchase any after all.

Never work with kids or animals

We had a variety of ages in the studio and even had a puppy came too! The old cliche is “never work with kids or animals” but actually, despite having rather tired legs, I really enjoyed the days and managed to do both!

If you would like a family photoshoot or maybe a Gift Voucher in time for Christmas, then get in touch.

Just leaves me with one final thing to say – Merry Christmas!