A photographer of all talents!

Lots of photographers specialise in one particular area. Whether it be maternity, newborn, weddings, events, portraits, commercial or more, there are many different avenues out there. I would like to say that as a photographer, I do a bit of everything! With the current climate it is becoming increasingly more common for people of all trades to try and diversify themselves and dabble in lots of different areas.

With weddings being severely restricted at present, many couples postponing and some choosing to cancel altogether due to lack of funds, most wedding photographers find themselves in this limbo period. 


Over the last few months, I have done some commercial and family shoots, a styled shoot (more about that another time) and even a wedding! One of the family shoots I did was for a family who were staying a stones throw from where I live. They stayed at the stunning Mendham Mill, which is on the Norfolk Suffolk border. Luckily, it came shortly after lockdown was lifted and people were allowed to start travelling again.

Another shoot was for a family who I have known for many years. I even photographed their daughters wedding a few years ago and have done some commercial work for them too.

Sometimes photographers don’t always have the opportunity to shout about their fabulous photos that they have captured. It just so happened on this occasion during lockdown, I, like many people in the wedding and photography industry, were crying out to tell everyone about a new photo job! Plus I was so pleased with the photos, as were the family. But, I always respect the privacy of individuals who don’t want their pictures shared on the internet.


With businesses having some “extra time” on their hands, many have been busy updating their websites or even creating new ones! I spent a few hours with Little City Norfolk, who have recently set up shop in this area. They offer imaginative role play for little ones, but with a mobile set up. From the supermarket to the Doctors surgery, a construction site to the Vets and more, I had a fun few hours with some children getting some fab promo shots for them.

Over the lockdown period, City Brides Norwich gave their bridal showroom and website a bit of a revamp. So I said “yes to the dress” and spent the morning snapping away! My job as a photographer is full of variety and never the same!


Every year, I always do a pop up studio at our local preschool. Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, this year is a bit different. So I am taking my mobile studio on the road! I am actually doing two pop up photoshoots (due to popular demand!) in Harleston in South Norfolk. This year I am offering free photoshoots. Yes that’s right! I did type FREE and it’s not a mistake! I am doing mini 15 minute shoots, following the necessary Covid restrictions, with the option for families to purchase all digital images for just £40. Bargain! The demand for the mini shoots has been pretty crazy, hence why I added another date. So Saturday 14th November is full and I only have 6 more slots available for Saturday 21stNovember.

If you fancy updating the photo album and getting some cracking shots for Christmas presents, then pop me a message and get yourself booked in!