Professional Photographer, husband and dad

Hello! I’m Mark. Professional Photographer, husband, dad. Not necessarily in that order.

Here is where you will find out a bit about me. This is the “about me” page after all! When looking to book a photographer, you will need to know if you connect with them. Let’s face it, you will be spending quite a bit of time with them. So back to more about me.

I was born in Scotland, but I wasn’t really there long enough to appreciate the breathtaking surroundings. When I was five, my parents moved back to Norfolk with its stunning coastline and beautiful countryside. Since then, I grew up around Dereham before moving to a small village near Fakenham where I spent numerous years.

Several years ago I met my Wife, Meryl. We live in the vibrant market town of Harleston on the Norfolk Suffolk border. We have two children who definitely keep us on our toes! Niamh is 9, going on 19 and who is turning into a right little diva at times and our mischievous Son Cameron who is literally into everything. He is 5 so I would like to say that we are past the terrible twos phase, but somedays I’m not sure!  Plus we have a cat called Erica (we did have an Ernie – Erica & Ernie if you’re old enough to remember!? but unfortunately he died a few years ago) who probably wants to leave home because of all of the craziness that is going on!

More about me

Our days are spent running around like crazy things. Well, thats how it feels anyway. Especially since COVID has turned everyones lives upside down. As you’re reading this right now, if I’m not out and about snapping photos or editing them in the office, then I am probably in the middle of playing the floor is lava (this seems to be a particular favourite!), building dens or dealing with a tsunami at bath time. But that aside, it’s certainly entertaining here and leaves me fully equipped and prepared so that weddings are a walk in the park!

I am a great lover of the outdoors. Walking and enjoying the beautiful countryside in Norfolk and Suffolk are just a few things that I like to do. I’m especially partial to a glass of Adnams, outside in my favourite beer garden chatting with friends & family. Although, we’ve done lots and lots of walking over the past fews year or so, there has been a distinct lack of beer gardens along the way. Since Covid, weddings have gone a bit crazy and there no longer is a typical “wedding season”, but running around after two children keeps me super fit and ready for the relentless dashing around at weddings.

Remember that moment

I always seem to have a camera close by, whether it’s one of my Canon’s or just my iPhone. It’s important to snap that memory to treasure and look back on in years to come. Particularly when you have a child. You want to remember every single moment (well, maybe not every single moment!) to keep and pass on until they get married and have their own family.

I’m pretty chatty, which helps in my line of work. But one of the biggest compliments I get from my wedding clients is how easily I blended in throughout their day. Theres me, snapping away, but I won’t monopolise your time, get in the way or prevent anyone from having a less than fantastic day.

If you’re still reading and want to know a bit more about how I work, then why not see for yourself! You should also see some kind words whizzing by below from the lovely people that I have had the absolute pleasure to photograph. Take a moment to relax with a cuppa (or why not a glass of something that you fancy), delve into read more about my wedding photography and check out some of my blogs too. If you’re already sold of me from my ramblings, then you can click here to get in touch and check availability.